How to effectively combat algae in your natural pool?

Having a natural pool with crystal-clear water is a true pleasure. However, sometimes algae issues can arise, making the water unappealing. If you notice excessive algae growth on the walls and floor of your pool, obscuring the tiles and pebbles, it's important to take prompt action to resolve this problem.

At LICA SARL , we understand your concerns, and we have developed two effective systems to control algae proliferation:


Since 2018, our client has trusted our solutions and has witnessed remarkable results. Algae on the pool walls and steps have virtually disappeared, and any remaining algae disintegrate easily.

If you encounter similar problems in your pools, ponds, or natural water bodies, don't hesitate to contact us.

At LICA SARL, we will provide you with an effective and cost-efficient solution to eliminate algae and achieve crystal-clear water.

Our systems guarantee complete satisfaction and visible results within the first few weeks.

Take care of your natural pool and fully enjoy its benefits by eliminating algae with our specialized solutions.

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