E-ACTI'WATER + in résidential areas

Quality water on every floor

Are you facing limescale problems in your residence? Are you searching for an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution?

Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to our innovative system, E-ACTI'WATER+, and how it can effectively resolve limescale challenges, transforming your everyday life. Many residences encounter limescale issues, leading them to install water softeners. However, this incurs costs for all co-owners, including expenses for consumables and network maintenance.

Limescale Challenges in Residences: Limescale problems affect both the sanitary water supply and the heating system. In the case of sanitary water, the accumulation of limescale in pipes can cause issues. As for the heating system, the presence of sludge in underfloor heating circuits is a common concern. Is it possible to find an efficient solution that covers the entire residence?

Residences Already Equipped: Several residences have already chosen to install our systems, such as :

We have tailored our installations based on each building's challenges and configuration, offering the following systems:

Benefits of E-ACTI'WATER+ and E-ACTI'WATER B+: By choosing our solution, you enable your residents to enjoy higher water quality while making savings on maintenance, repairs, and overall upkeep costs. Traditional water softeners have been abandoned, eliminating the need for salt and other associated products, as well as maintenance fees. Additionally, limescale-related issues vanish, and residents experience improved-tasting water.

Another advantage is the significant reduction in the use of washing products, both for domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers and for daily cleaning tasks. Shower walls, coffee makers, kettles, and faucets become easier to clean and maintain with activated water. Furthermore, the use of personal hygiene products can also be substantially reduced, preserving the skin from the harsh effects of chlorine and other chemicals.

The installation of E-ACTI'WATER+ and E-ACTI'WATER B+ ensures the longevity of your equipment and enhances the well-being of your residents. Once installed, the efficiency of our systems remains unaltered.

To benefit from all the advantages of such an installation, feel free to contact us or discuss it with your co-owners.

Let's make your residence a place where water quality and savings go hand in hand.


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