E-ACTI'WATER+: For spotless and streak-free vehicle washing.

Are you tired of battling stubborn lime scale residue that ruins the appearance of your precious vehicles after every wash? Look no further!

With E-ACTI'WATER+, a revolutionary system, you can bid farewell to lime scale residue and enjoy spotless vehicle washes.

Lime scale, responsible for those unsightly marks, is a formidable enemy for all car, truck, or motorcycle owners. But thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we have developed E-ACTI'WATER+, a highly effective water treatment system specifically designed to efficiently eliminate lime scale deposits during vehicle washes.

How does E-ACTI'WATER+ work?

Our system acts by altering naturally the water structure, significantly reducing the presence of lime scale. Installed on the water supply network, E-ACTI'WATER+ ensures exceptional water quality for every wash.

The results are simply impressive.

Users of E-ACTI'WATER+ notice a clear improvement in the quality of their vehicle washes and rinses. No more persistent lime scale marks tarnishing the paintwork! With E-ACTI'WATER+, you achieve spotless washes without any trace of lime scale.

But that's not all. In addition to eliminating lime scale residue, E-ACTI'WATER+ offers other notable advantages. One of them is faster rinsing, resulting in water savings. Thanks to the modified water structure, rinsing becomes more efficient, reducing the time required to achieve a spotless result. This represents both an economic and ecological aspect as you save precious water while reducing energy consumption.

Moreover, E-ACTI'WATER+ is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Our system requires no consumables, no additional energy, and no regular maintenance. You can enjoy all the benefits without worrying about additional expenses.

For car wash facility owners, using E-ACTI'WATER+ brings significant advantages. By eliminating lime scale residue, you enhance customer satisfaction, strengthen your reputation, and attract new clients. Additionally, with faster rinsing, you optimize the efficiency of your wash process, allowing you to serve more customers in less time.

Don't let lime scale residue ruin the appearance of your vehicles.

Choose E-ACTI'WATER+ and enjoy spotless vehicle washes without any trace of lime scale.

Contact us today to discover how our system can meet your specific needs and provide you with a customized solution.

Achieve outstanding results while preserving the environment and saving money. E-ACTI'WATER+ is here to offer you the ultimate solution against lime scale residue during vehicle washes.