Aquaponics: Algae problems solved with E-ACTI'WATER B+

High-quality water for fish and plants:

Aquaponics is the fusion of aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture involves the farming of fish and plants in aquatic environments, while hydroponics is the cultivation of plants using a nutrient-rich solution on a substrate. Aquaponics, therefore, combines both practices to create an ecosystem where plants are irrigated with water from fish farming. The water containing fish waste serves as fertilizer for the plants. This method of cultivation aims to be environmentally friendly by eliminating the use of chemical products in the production process.

At "La Ferme Aquaponique de l'Abbaye" in Chaumousey, our client faced specific challenges related to water quality in their aquaponics system.

The water required the use of UV lamps for purification to eliminate potential viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.

Additionally, it needed frequent changes due to pollutants such as ammonia from fish waste.

This polluted water attracted harmful insects, negatively impacting the crops. The water became turbid, leading to algae proliferation in the basins, hindering plant growth.

To address these inherent challenges, we proposed the installation of our E-ACTI'WATER B+ system before filtration for each tank. This ecological and economical solution provided significant benefits:

Water-related improvements:

Plant-related enhancements:

Fish-related advantages:

Additional economic benefits of E-ACTI'WATER B+:

E-ACTI'WATER B+ provides an all-encompassing solution for aquaponics, optimizing water quality and overall system performance.

Experience the advantages of ecological cultivation, reduced pollutants, and improved yields.

If you are interested in our systems, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are here to assist you.


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