A natural crystal clear water

Natural swimming pool: what to do to fight against algae?

Our client has had a natural swimming pool since 2018, whose water, dynamised by 2 vortexes, has always been perfectly crystal clear.

But what can be done about the algae growth on the walls and bottom of the pool, which completely masks the tiles and pebbles?

Algae that also made the bottom of the pool extremely slippery.

We proposed 2 systems to solve the problem of algae proliferation.

Our customer told us that there has been a amaizing change:

The algae on the walls and steps of the pond have almost disappeared and when there is a little bit of algae, you hardly rub it and it disintegrates

The sludge deposit is almost eliminated: the slabs, rocks and pebbles that line the bottom of the pond are visible again

The dead leaves that fall into the water do not seem to decompose...

Moreover, the water has a totally different texture: it seems more alive, softer, enveloping, sometimes almost luminous

And it keeps getting better every week!


If you encounter this kind of problem in your ponds, ponds or natural pools....

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you an efficient and economical solution.

Our systems guarantee you complete satisfaction and visible results very quickly!