A larger and better quality harvest

Organic agriculture: How to improve quality and quantity?

This was the question our customer asked himself when he wanted to improve the quality and quantity of his 100% organic production.

Concerned about the ecological impact, we offer systems that meet the requirements of each of our customers.

Thus, for irrigation we proposed E-ACTI'WATER B+ installed on the well water inlet.

To naturally boost the soil we installed a CLEAN'TERRE

Some time after the installation of E-ACTI'WATER B+ our customer noticed that the irrigation water is much less acidic.

As a result, there are no longer any problems with water leaking from the irrigation booms due to the acidity of the water.

Because E-ACTI'WATER B+ prevents the deposit of limestone.

As a result, there is no clogging of the drip lines.

Irrigation with activated water results in a larger harvest.

The plants are more beautiful, more tasty, fruits are tastier.

Fruit and vegetables are less prone to diseases such as mildew.

Naturally more fertile soil:

The soil is strengthened thanks to our Clean'Terre system, which promotes the strength and regeneration of the soil.

This allows for more and better quality vegetation (fruit and vegetables).

All this without the addition of phytosanitary products.

Clean'Terre is simply placed in the ground. Its effectiveness is unalterable over time.

To protect our health and our environment, we offer 100% ecological and economical products.

Did you know that? With our systems, Les jardins de Guenviller now offer you even higher quality products!

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