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Reduces fuel consumption. Fits all types of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, tractors, motorcycles, scooters, quads, trains, etc.)

Has proven itself on trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, boats. Pollution controls with a BOSCH BEA 552 SPH analyzer have led to identical conclusions: a decrease in pollution emissions and a decrease in consumption


  • Economic Ecological
  • Unalterable
  • Non-intrusive
  • Quick and easy to instal
  • l A one-time purchase
  • No consumabl
  • e Without maintenance, without maintenance


  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less pollution release (test performed with BOSCH BEA 552 SPH analyzer)
  • Improved driving comfort and flexibility
  • A cleaner engine that cleans more easily over time
  • Less vibration
  • A financial economy
  • A gesture for the planet


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Installation instructions

1) Install the E-Clean'Carburant system on the fuel supply line (E-Magnet in the direction from the fuel tank to the engine) follow the direction of the arrow marked on E-Magnet

he E-magnet must be aligned vertically (one in front of the other)
2) Install the E-Acti'Spirale between the E-Magnet and the tank (E-Acti'Spirale has no orientation).
Attach the ends of the E-Acti'Spirale and E-Magnet for a better contact.


If necessary, add additional fasteners so that the E-Acti'Spirale is in contact throughout the length of the fuel line.