Our products

With it 3 possibilities of irrigation: 

  • Natural
  • Manual
  • Mechanical


Description :

  • Fully perforated composite tube
  • Coated with geotextile film against root intrusion
  • With access hatch
  • Closed bottom in terracotta


Specifications :

Allows water recovery and storage. For a structured groundwater irrigation.

Thanks to E-Multi'Water you can save 50 to 80%  of water !


Results :

  • Structured groundwater irrigation
  • A water saving
  • Reduced maintenance costs ‘
  • Reduction in treatments
  • Reduction in the use of fertilizers
  • A reduction in production costs
  • Increase in productivity
  • Well rooted plants
  • Better irrigated and better quality plants
  • Ecological and economic



  • Without magnet
  • Without electricity
  • Without addition of chemical
  • No consumable
  • Without maintenance
  • No maintenance
  • Unalterable
  • Ecological and economic
  • Quick and easy to install
  • A one-time purchase


Subject matterComposite
Geotextile film
Height (mm)220
Ø Exterior (mm)118


Other heights can be made on request.


Instructions for use:

To be planted in the ground on either side of the plant or tree, at 22 cm of depth so that the access hatch is flush with the ground.