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Reduces fuel consumption. Adapts to all types of motor vehicles. 

Proven on trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, boats. Pollution tests with a BOSCH BEA 552 SPH analyzer resulted in identical conclusions: a decrease in pollution emissions and a reduction in consumption

 Notable results :

  • Less fuel consumption: The system allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption, resulting in considerable financial savings for vehicle owners.

  • More torque: The system improves engine performance by increasing torque, providing faster acceleration and better response during overtaking.

  • Reduced pollution emissions: Tests conducted with the BOSCH BEA 552 SPH analyzer have demonstrated a decrease in pollutant emissions, contributing to the reduction of the vehicles' environmental impact.

  • Improved comfort and driving smoothness: E-Clean'Fuel system promotes a more enjoyable driving experience through optimized combustion, offering better throttle response and smoother gear changes.

  • Less engine clogging: By improving the quality of combustion, the system helps reduce engine clogging, making maintenance easier and prolonging engine life.

  • Reduced vibrations: The system helps reduce engine vibrations, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.

  • Financial savings: The reduction in fuel consumption and associated maintenance costs allows users to achieve significant long-term financial savings.

  • A gesture for the planet: By reducing pollutant emissions, E-Clean'Fuel system contributes to environmental preservation and the fight against climate change, offering an eco-friendly solution for vehicle owners.


In summary, E-Clean'Fuel system offers a combination of positive results, ranging from fuel savings and optimized engine performance to pollution reduction, improved driving comfort, and positive environmental impact.

Technical specifications 


Installation instructions 

1)Place the E-Clean'Fuel  system strictly on the fuel inlet line (E-Magnet in the direction from the fuel tank to the engine), following the direction indicated by the arrow on the E-Magnet

The E-Magnets must be aligned vertically (facing each other).

2) Place the E-Acti'Spirale between the E-Magnets and the fuel tank (E-Acti'Spirale has no specific orientation).

Attach the ends of the E-Acti'Spirale and E-Magnet for secure fastening.

If necessary, add additional fasteners to ensure that the E-Acti'Spirale is in full contact along the entire length of the fuel line.