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Reduce chlorine usage and enjoy crystal-clear and environmentally friendly water

Maintaining a swimming pool can be complex and often requires frequent use of chemicals such as chlorine to eliminate algae and bacteria. Additionally, dealing with calcium deposits on the pool walls poses an additional challenge.

An innovative solution has been specifically designed for pools ranging from 1 to 150 m3 with a circulating loop and sand filter to help you tackle these issues: E-ACTI'WATER B+63P.

To fully experience its numerous benefits, E-ACTI'WATER B+63P must be installed on your pool's filtration loop. This revolutionary system activates the water, making it clearer, softer, and more crystalline

Using E-ACTI'WATER B+63P offers significant advantages for your pool:

50% reduction in chlorine usage:

Thanks to the action of E-ACTI'WATER B+63P on your pool water, you can reduce the use of chemicals such as chlorine by up to 50%. This not only provides financial savings but also minimizes the adverse effects of chlorine on swimmers' skin and eyes.

Elimination of algae in the water : 
With its effective action, E-ACTI'WATER B+63P helps eliminate algae present in your pool water and prevents algae formation even during high temperatures. You can enjoy clear and healthy water without the nuisance of floating algae.
Easy wall cleaning :
E-ACTI'WATER B+63P significantly reduces the time required for pool cleaning as it combats algae proliferation and acts as an excellent anti-calcium deposit agent. This means more time for you to enjoy your pool..

Reduced itching and softer, hydrated skin:
Water treated with E-ACTI'WATER B+63P is gentler on the skin, reducing itching and irritations. Individuals with dry skin will also appreciate the benefits of softened water.


Other advantages of E-ACTI'WATER B+63P include:
  • No energy requirements,
  • No maintenance needed,
  • No addition of chemicals 
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Ecological and cost-effective solution
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