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Just like the E-ACT'WATER +  here is the new E-ACT'WATER B+ system even easier to install!

Fits all types and sections of piping.


  • Restores water to its original structure.
  • Water regains its qualities of spring water 


For swimming pools 

  • Clear water with less chlorine 


  • Activates water and makes it clearer
  • 50% reduction in chlorine use
  • Facilitates the cleaning of the walls
  • Removes algae from water 
  • Prevents efflorescence of concrete 
  • The water no longer smells
  • Reduced use of cleaning products 
  • Reduced maintenance time 
  • Less deposit of limestone and scale on equipment (ladders, diving boards...)

For agriculture 

  • Activates water and facilitates irrigation 


  • Water quantity reduction for watering
  • A more fertile land 
  • Plants and their roots are better hydrated
  • Stronger plants with tastier fruits, better quality vegetables and cereals 

For livestock farming 

  • Activates water and feed 


  • Stronger animals with more vitality 
  • An energy-rich and balanced diet 
  • Better milk quality for cattle 
  • Better plumage for poultry 
  • Fewer diseases and parasites 

For industry   

  • Activates water 


  • Less limestone deposit 


  • Without electricity 
  • Without addition of chemical 
  • No consumable 
  • Without maintenance 
  • No maintenance 
  • Inalterable
  • unlimited flow
  • Ecological and economic 
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • A one-time purchase
  • Any pipe size 

Technical characteristics 

  • Material: inox 304
  • Color Silver
  • Ø 12 mm
  • Total length of the spiral: 500 mm
  • E-Magnet : brass
  • Ø : 25 mm
  • Height: 18 mm

Instructions for use: 

Depending on the area to which the installation of an E-ACTIWATER B+ applies, the connection is made either at the main water supply or on the water loop (for example for a swimming pool) or on the feed supply of the animals (for breeding).