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NEW !!!

System specially designed for sewage treatment plants.

Easy to put in place :

simply immerse it in the different basins to obtain the following examples of results:



Polyethylene (green color)
from -250 to +130 ° C
Food industry
Diameter: 120mm
Weight approx: 1.4 kg
316 L stainless steel hook
316 L stainless steel chain
Length: 5m

Results observed in a wastewater treatment plant equipped with acti sphere associated with e-acti'water +

  • water aerators cut off
  • less consumption of products that can go to a reduction of 100%
  • fat is better trapped
  • there is almost no smell anymore (no more at all)
  • less tartar deposit
  • the existing one comes off easily
  • the algae in the water disappear
  • a better oxygenation rate even without aerators
  • the piping is no longer clogged
  • less mud
  • less maintenance
  • better water quality at the WWTP outlet
  • less consumption of electricity and products