Our products

Description :

  • Copper tube
  • And minerals


Specifications :

Promotes the growth of plants and makes them more vigorous, more robust against external elements (high heat, diseases, parasites, and other insects, etc.)


Results :

  • A more stable crop throughout the season
  • Plants are more tolerant of drought
  • Better resistance to weather changes
  • Soil better absorbs rain water through spraying or irrigation
  • Water saving
  • Plants grow more easily
  • Less illness
  • Less insect
  • Less fertilizer
  • Reduced use of phytosanitary products

All these improvements were noted by farmers, vegetable growers, horticulturists, and individuals who planted one or several Clean’Terre.



  • Without electricity
  • No chemical added
  • No consumables
  • No maintenance
  • No maintenance
  • Unalterable
  • Ecological and economical
  • Quick and easy to install
  • A one-time purchase


Available in different sizes :

Clean’Terre 15-10 are  for 10 are

Clean'Tere 15-1 Ha       for 1 Ha

Clean’Terre 30-3 Ha      for 3 Ha

Clean’Terre 33-10 Ha    for 10 Ha

Clean’Terre 36-30 Ha    for 30 Ha


Technical characteristics

ProductLength (mm)Diameter (mm)Radiation
Clean’Terre 15-10 are3001610 are
Clean'Terre 15 -1 Ha500161 Ha
Clean’Terre 30-3 Ha1000323 Ha
Clean’Terre 33-10 Ha10003210 Ha
Clean’Terre 36-30 Ha10003230 Ha


Instructions for use :

 Push Clean’Terre to about the half size of Clean'Terre (gray head up).

  • Do not use a hammer
  • Insert by hand if possible
  • Otherwise make a hole and backfill


See yourself the results during the full season