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Secteur : Eau activée

Activated water

So-called dynamized or structured water:
Activated water has many qualities. It is like Spring water, which means that it acts on our body in the best possible way, unlike tap or bottled water.

Limestone is naturally present in the water we drink. At high doses, water becomes “hard”. So it becomes necessary to install and use some products and devices in order to make it softer. Thus, you must often buy consumables and maintain your “softeners”, for example.
However, the water you drink will always be “dead”, without energy.

Yes, the activated water contains limestone, but with our E-ACTI’WATER range, the limestone remains suspended in the water. Its pin-shaped structure turns into a small sphere-shape. In this way, the limestone no longer adheres to the pipes, neither on the resistances of your household appliances, nor on your skin or hair.

Kettles and pans can be easily cleaned with a sponge. Hot water balloons are more efficient and have an extended lifespan (and you save a lot of money).

Activated water is like water which has regained its original structure. Thus, its taste becomes sweeter, rounder. It is better assimilated by the body and penetrates deeply into the cells to remove all the waste and metals that are responsible for premature ageing of our cells.

Activated water is like crystalline water that is healthy for your body.

As a result, your water is more crystalline, softer and rounder, with a better taste. Your skin and hair are softer.

For household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc., the use of cleaning products can be reduced by half and for a very satisfactory result as well as extended resistance durability.

The activated water slowly cleans the limestone deposit inside your pipes, day after day.

The size of our products can be adapted to your needs, we tailor them.

Our adapted products:


Secteur : Piscine


A swimming pool is a sport and relaxation place, friendly and aesthetic at the same time. A swimming pool necessarily requires maintenance. If this is not done properly, maintenance cost can quickly increase.

The purchase of consumables as well as the time spent on the cleaning and maintenance of the pool represent an important financial cost and time. So we have designed E-ACTI'WATER P for swimming pools. You can thus enjoy an activated- water bath in a crystal-clear water in which the use of chlorine can be reduced by half.
As a result, there are no longer side effects such as skin or eye irritations.

The presence of algae is still a plague for people wishing to have a crystal-clear pool. With E-ACTI’WATER P, algae disappear into water and the walls are easy to clean. There is no concrete efflorescence on the walls, for example.
There are many different sizes of swimming pool. Our products can be adapted to your needs, on request.

Our adapted product :


Secteur : élevage & agriculture

Agriculture and Farming

Both plants and animals need to be well fed in order to better reproduce.

Agriculture :

The winning formula is: fertile land + structured water
That’s the reason why we have created several ecological and economical systems to develop the growth and health of plants, but also to have a more fertile soil.
Clean’Terre : you can energize soils and give soil its strength back. Moreover, you can reduce the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other treatment products.
E-ACTI’WATER P : Combined with the activated water through the installation of an E-ACT'WATER P, your soils have every chance of getting the fertile and sustainable growth of your plants.

Farming :

The health of an animal depends on its diet. So if you feed it with naturally energized products and with structured water, it will be less likely to get ill and it will be stronger (for example for cattle: produce better quality milk.)
For animals, we set up adapted systems in order to energize water and food (with E-ACTI'WATER P). A study is based on the needs and on the structure of your farm.

Our adapted products :

PVC E-ACTI’WATER P Multi'WaterClean'Terre

Secteur : L'irrigation


Irrigation is a water management system. There are several ways to irrigate: either by spray or by drip irrigation.

By Spray :

Watering with activated water is a possible solution that saves 30% of water compared to watering with so-called "normal" water. Activated water provides the energy and nutrients that plants need. Therefore, they need less water.
You can use a water-spray system simply with E-ACTI'WATER P installation.
As a result, plants are fortified, fruit and vegetables ripen faster, their taste is more authentic and more intense (pulp, sugar, etc.) They are better.

Drop by drop :

The other widespread way to irrigate is a drop by drop system. However, this one has many disadvantages such as:
• The evaporation of water due to excessive heat.
• The erosion of pipes attacked by rodents. The irrigation is done only on the surface and does not reach the roots deeply.
• As a result, plants and trees suffer from high heat and are not irrigated enough.

After having studied all these issues, we have designed an energized buried dripper:
E-Multi’Water: The contained water is energized and it will irrigate the roots deeply. The water management is easier and economical.
Thanks to its shape, E-Multi’water can also be used as a water tank. If it rains, water won’t evaporate anymore. By contrast, it is stored. The roots develop in-depth. The trees or plants become stronger and more resistant.

Our adapted products :

Multi'WaterClean'Terre PVC E-ACTI’WATER P

Secteur : étang & bassin


Embellishing your outdoor space with a pond gives it a natural style. Just like for a swimming pool, using water also means dealing with maintenance. For fish and aquatic plants, a particular care is necessary to ensure the good development of this microcosm.

Alguae are the plague of ponds. To reduce their proliferation in the water of your pond, fountains and other water bodies (even stagnant water), we have developed the system called: Clean’Pond : combination of energized disc and E-granite.
Once installed in the pond (in a very specific manner), the algae disappear in water, leaving a crystal-clear water where the aquatic fauna and flora develop with more vitality.

Our adapted products :

PVC E-ACTI’WATER E-GranitClean’Pond

Secteur : Carburant


Vehicles are extremely useful nowadays, whether it is to go to work or to many places for leisure or by obligation.
They are an essential vector for the transport of people and goods. But vehicles represent a significant cost in a family or a business budget.
The number of produced vehicles has increased a lot, and so have the fuel consumption and pollution.
To benefit from a considerable saving and to protect the planet for the future generations at the same time, we have developed E-Clean’Carburant. It is a simple system to install and it is a guarantee of highly satisfactory results (very interesting economic and ecological results).

Our adapted product :